This page aims to provide a few links on the Internet to enable a passing Northern Allstar, former Lenton Hall resident, or anyone who knew one, to find out more information on keeping in touch.

1. The Alumni Relations Team

Explore this web site and discover the many ways that you can take advantage of the Alumni Network or contact the Alumni Relations Team at the University of Nottingham.

The Alumni Relations Team can be contacted at the following postal address:

Development Office
Lenton Fields
University of Nottingham
University Park
Nottingham, NG7 2RD
Tel: 0115 951 3087/3689/3690
Fax: 0115 951 3691/3937

Email: Alumni Relations Team

2. The Lenton And Wortley Hall Association

The Lenton and Wortley Hall Association exists to keep members in touch with the Hall and each other, and to arrange and support social events at the hall, especially the Annual Reunion, which is held at the Hall on the weekend preceding the Autumn Term.

The President of the Association, Keith Atherton, was very helpful in organising Northern Allstars 1999 when the Soviet Onion played in Lenton Hall JCR.

Email: Keith Atherton.

3. Lenton Hall

Contact names and details for everything connected to Lenton Hall. The Hall Manager can be contacted to arrange bed & breakfast in Wortley Hall outside term time, and was used by a few Allstars for the 2000 reunion.

4. The Lenton Times Magazine

The website of the Lenton local history magazine, issued a few times a year. For those Northern Allstars with an interest in the history of the local area of Nottingham where they lived as students.

This is where you can learn such interesting Allstar-related gems, such as the fact that "in 1927, Edward, Prince of Wales, bought Grove Farm in Lenton - a fact that created a lot of interest in the local press. All manner of reasons were proffered as to why the Prince had made this purchase. The local papers, however, never printed the real reason - which was that the farm provided an isolated pied-a-terre to which the Prince could take his lady friends."

grove farm 1927

Strange then, given Grove Farm's lustful past, that Billy prefered to go gliding on a Sunday morning.

This link on the Lenton Times website has a 1998 photograph showing part of the block of shops at the corner of Lenton Boulevard and Church Street, just down from Allstars HQ.

5. Friends Reunited

The most popular and successful website yet that puts old school and University friends back in touch. A few Northern Allstars can be found amongst the list of 1991 graduates of the University of Nottingham. Duncan Wiggets, who provided information on the early incarnation of the Northern Allstars (see History) was traced and contacted here under the list of 1989 alumni.

6. Blackpool Football Club

The unofficial website offers all the latest on the greatest English football team of all time. The intention is to place links to all the teams each Allstar supports under their Personal Profiles, to be developed in future releases of this website. The mighty Blackpool F.C. provide the strongest Allstars link, being supported by both the esteemed Team Manager and WebMaster, and for inspiring the famous Tangerine kits of the 1991/92 season. How did we pull that one off, Sid?

Email: The Northern Allstars.