Grant Murgatroyd      

Personal Details

Full name: Grant Murgatroyd
Date of birth: 28-10-69
Place of birth: Ely
Place of current residence: London
Occupation: Journalist
Nickname: Shaggy. Bestowed in year one by two friends of Phil "Norm" Stringer. Due to uncanny resemblance to the geezer from Scooby Doo.
Football team supported: Hereford United
Degree studied: Geography (though "studied" is used in the loosest possible sense), 1991
University Hall of Residence: Lenton

This is how it feels... to have no eye-brow    
      Shaggy in Inspiral Carpets drummer eye-brow removal incident, November 1989.    

Memory Lane

First All-Stars call up: Can't remember. Probably around the same time as Mince.
Position in team: Centre forward
Worst all-time memory: The sight of Mark Pay in the changing rooms with two purple Space Hoppers between his legs. Sid, you are one sick puppy to describe that as your favourite All Stars story.
Favourite match incident: A cold October morning at Grove Farm, with the ground still hard from the night's frost. A tough fixture against the mighty Jim Bowen's All Stars. An inspiring team talk about the importance of said fixture and the need to be at the top of our game from our Glorious Leader. An early interchange of tackles and some brisk midfield play. Chasing down a ball on their central defender, forcing him to punt upfield to safety. Turning around and calculating the trajectory of the ball. Looking at Sid (aforementioned Glorious Leader) and calculating force required to move immovable object. Watching ball bounce in slow motion over Sid's head and into empty net. Losing 7-0. Sid, you are an inspiration to us all. (Strangely, I remember this goal from more than one game).
Favourite All Stars goal: Kev Humphry scoring the winner against Hung Like Donkeys (not sure if that is the right name, but Pat Hudson played for them), after coming back from 5-1 down to win 7-6 in the most ill-tempered match ever. What Sunday football was all about.
Favourite All Stars kit: Black
Greatest ever All Star: Wolfie. For making Pier Luigi Colina look weak-willed in the reffing department. And for turning up.
Do you remember Andy Nockton: Vaguely, but couldn't be specific. Bit like the last decade really.


Shaggy & Mince 4 Eva

Wider World

Greatest Briton (and why): Winston Churchill, for being the country's strongest leader in its hour of darkness. Top work considering he was pissed at the time.
Faviroute band, album and single of all time
: Not applicable as was a bit ravey-davey for a while and can't remember who did any of the tunes.
Favourite film, book and newspaper
: Holidays in Hell, The Economist
If you could have one super power, what would it be
: ability to fly.
Name one person from history you would like to meet (and why)
: Karl Marx. To see whether it turned out like he expected.
Recommended web site
Greatest sporting achievement since leaving university
: The 1995 Bayon Challenge. Cambodia's first international football tournament. Beating Kampot Province, the league champions, in the final shown live on national telly.

  A picture paints a thousand words. Mixed-Pairs drinking competition, circa 1990 in the Happy Return. Last updated: October 2004.