Simon Heath      

Personal Details

Full name: Simon Heath
Date of birth: 28/10/1969
Place of birth: Birmingham
Place of current residence: London
Nickname (and description of its origin): Heathy (Errr …?)
Football team support: Birmingham City
Degree studied/year graduated: English, 1991
University Hall of Residence: Cripps

Boy Wonder    
      The Brummie Boy Wonder.    

Memory Lane

First Allstars call-up: 1990
Position: Midfield
Favourite all-time memory: I think we won once?
Worst all-time memory: A typically cultured Marc Mullen challenge nearly taking my leg off whilst playing for the Architects against the All Stars in 1990.
Favourite Allstar story: 'Fraid I don't have one. Hangovers blurred the memories
Do you remember Andy Nockton: No.



Dude Si

Wider World

Greatest Briton: Philip Larkin.
Name one person from history you'd most like to meet: Oliver Cromwell
Favourite band, album and single of all time: Gang Of Four, Entertainment!
Greatest Sporting achievement since leaving University: Winning the Camden Musical Association League with the Haverstock Wanderers in 2001.
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