Simon Waters      

Personal Details

Full name: Simon Jeremy Waters.
Date of birth: 09/4/70.
Place of birth: Colchester, Essex.
Place of current residence: London.
Occupation: Director, Disney Clothing.
Nickname (and description of its origin): Pete - Sid started it off because we kept getting each others names wrong.
Football team support: England, Colchester United.
Degree studied/year graduated: Politics, 1991.
University Hall of Residence: Lenton & Wortley.

      Simon, second from right, pictured in Duncan Perrin's room, 1991.    

Memory Lane

First Allstars call-up: 1990/91
Position in team: Left Wing
Favourite all-time memory: Spraying Pete's boots Golden.
Worst all-time memory: Getting gold spray over the kitchen work surfaces.
Favourite Allstars story: John Gilligan used to try to touch me in the showers. Favourite match incident: Not favourite, but certainly most memorable - Mark Pay's tackle with Cookie's boot.
Favourite Allstars goal: One of mine, except I can't remember it.
Favourite Allstars kit: It's Grim Up North.
Greatest ever Northern Allstar: Pass.
Worst ever Northern Allstar: Rob Grimsey
Best name of opposition team in the University Sunday League: Neil Beston Ate My Hamster.
Do you remember Andy Nockton: Yes, curly blonde hair I think.
If you had been manager of the Allstars, what one change would you have made: Mixed showers.
Greatest sporting achievement since leaving University: Not being selected to play for England - I was busy through most of the 1990s.


Wider World

Greatest Briton: John Gilligan, though he is Welsh.
Favourite band, album and single of all time: Pet Shop Boys/Stranglers; Brian Eno - Apollo; Too numerous to select.
Favourite film, book and newspaper: Apocalypse Now; Birdsong; Saturday Guardian.
If you could have one super power, what would it be: Invisibility.
Name one person from history you would like to meet (and why): My Great Grandfather - he built chimneys.
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  Si awards Jack Hawkins the first ever Golden Boot award in 2001. Last updated: October 2003.