"The Lemon Party"

Scenes from "The Happy Return" public house.

Allstars in Lemon


Sid at the bar

"A pint of shandy, please"

Mellow Yellow

Mellow yellow.


The first (and last) party held by the occupants of 75 Lenton Boulevard (Allstar HQ) began, as most nights had for the last 3 years, in the "Happy Return". Equally, in time honoured tradition, the evening had a "theme", and for some bizarre reason it was "lemon".

It was then back to Allstar HQ for some lemon coloured "home brew".

WARNING :The picture at the bottom left of this screen carries no caption. There truly are no words.

Mad Joe

"Mad Joe"

Sid in the local bar  

Bed Springs Eternal

A typical night on the "Bed of Excalibur".