Pitcher & Piano, Nottingham

Northern Allstars - Model Behaviour...

Three of the more photogenic Allstars pose for the camera. If we ever need a glossy brochure front-cover, make sure you're ready boys.

To be fair though, these chaps don't wear fur.


Model Behaviour    

Overhead Allstars

Surprisingly, the flash effect wasn't enhanced by the reflective nature of some shiny Allstar crowns.


The limits of distance flash photography are demonstrated here in this overhead Pitcher & Piano shot.

Pitcher & Piano by day

Pitcher & Piano by day.


Shaws (no relation) Restaurant

Shaws Shaws by day

After failing entry into "The Social", on the basis of Cookie's "smart" shirt, the Allstars decamped to the just-about-to-close Shaws Restaurant. The hand-of-friendship to the Allstars, from the (obviously cash-strapped) proprietors, was extended indefinitely as Shaggy and Paul continued their detente over some Sambooka.

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