"The Phil Yarrow Testimonial" (aka the Bernie Slaven, Yazz, Johnny Chips mate Cup)    
  "Girlfriends in a Coma XI"   "The Bachelor Boys"    
  Girlfriends XI   Bachelor Boys    
Back Row: left to right:
Simon Fielding; Mark Baker; Grant McKinlay; Ian Cook; Jeremy May; Adrian Smith
Front Row: left to right:
Dean Shaw; Phil Yarrow; Simon Waters; Nigel Gwilliam; Lee Langeveld.
  Back Row: left to right:
Alan Freeman; Rob Grimsey; Pat Hudson; Alan Thompson; Dave Green; Conor O'Prey; Simon Cummins
Front Row: left to right:
Pete Reilly; John Gilligan; Neil Beston; Grant Murgatroyd; John May
  Match summary        

The first all-Allstars match honoured Phil Yarrow's impending departure for Chicago, to marry the American sweetheart he met in Nottingham. Team selection was consequently based upon an individual Allstar's "marital" status on match-day.

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No official record exists of this inaugural all-Allstar game at Grove Farm, but general consensus has the score at 6-5 to Girlfriends. A quick glance at the respective team photos above, however, should elicit no surprise that, for playing parity, The Bachelor Boys required an extra member!

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