Chemistry & Management Studies Timetable (1st Year - 1988/89)

At 21 hours of timetabled academic activity a week, Sid and Mince were considerably challenged, intellectually, during their 1st Year at University. Indeed, our Joint Honours heroes faced more work each Thursday than Messrs Perrin and Waters, and their fellow Politics cohorts, faced in an entire month.

Chem&Mang Timetable

Wonder how many of those 5:15 Maths lectures received their full complement of of Lenton Hall residents?

Indeed, it was not uncommon for the young Sid and Mince to be greeted by a sleepy-eyed Duncan at evening meal, freshly up from his day's labours in a Lenton Hurst bed. Such provocative behaviour would occasionally result in a short jeep ride out for the male fraternity of Chemistry & Management Studies, intent on a Friday filled with fun and freedom. Bizarrely though, they would often elect to replace the lecture on Inorganic Chemistry with a regular electronic weigh-in at the Boots chemists in Beeston.




Graduation Glory

Chemistry & Management Studies, Graduation 1991.

From L to R: Sue Moore; Grant McKinlay; Lucy Chapman; Simon Fielding; Harrie Meynell.



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