Match Report

As the Nottingham sun beat down for the latest Northern Allstars football reunion on Saturday 3 July 1999, the Highfields pitch was as hard as a joint honours Chemistry and Management Studies timetable.

Future generations will recall misty-eyed 'keeper Sid McKinlay's attempt to steer John Gilligan's first half shot around his goalpost through a mixture of gaping mouth and small shake of his left hand (a technique more commonly, though no less unsuccessfully, employed by our hero on Ritzy's dancefloor during the height of the Madchester scene).

Half-time was called after 35 minutes on the insistence of a prophetic Shaggy, convinced that remaining in a non-sedentary position for a full 90 minutes in the heat was going to be a fair challenge for most Allstars these days, let alone chasing a football around.

Inevitably, Sid's side equalised midway in the second half through a piece of Steve Henderson opportunism. It followed a wholly inappropriate combination of ball-juggling and day-dreaming by the usually stalwart defender Jez May.

With a draw a near certainty, Sid (now impersonating a centre-forward) spun and scored a right-foot volley from inside the penalty area, effectively killing the match (and with it the last vestiges of respect for the Beautiful Game by a dumbstruck opposition).

As our dejected Ginger Warriors, Shaggy and Mince, trundled off to the changing rooms for a hearty shower, in eager anticipation of the evening's Soviet Onion gig, the lankier one was heard to blasphemously mutter "maybe cricket next year?"

To avoid a sporting spectacle with as much appeal as a Physics World leader article, all friends, acqaintances, and former Allstars who couldn't make it this year, are requested to phone Simon Fielding... pledging their support for a rematch in 2000.




Magazine report

The match report as it appeared in the University of Nottingham Magazine (Issue 9; page 17).


Hall association report

The world awaits the events pedicted in this Issue 9 article with bated breath!!


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