The Soviet Onion - Saturday 3rd July, at the JCR Lenton Hall, University of Nottingham  
  London, New York, Paris, Lenton    

onion salute

"Gravity, it gets them down"

All hail the saviours of synth-punk-pop! Si, Rob and Neil (the un-photogenic hidden one) greet their rapturous welcome on stage.

This was the first "comeback" since the Christmas 1998 "comeback" in London. For details, read the invite here.



onions in the mist

As the Tech Soc mist descends, the Onions, already clouded in musical mystery, push out a sonic cathedral wall of sound.

Railing against the corporate nature of modern pop (or maybe just taking the piss), the self-styled Posh Onion, Scary Onion and Fried Onion whip up an organ frenzy.




Reverence turns to mayhem, as the crowd senses the historic nature of the concert.


onion crowdOnion Logo

Former Onion-Bez, Nigel, can only marvel, his dance-limbs locked in shock.

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