"Ajax" versus "Yellows" - Saturday 3rd July, at Highfields    

Squad photo

Back Row: left to right:
Simon Heath; John Gilligan; Mark Pay; Pete Reilly; Grant McKinlay; Jeremy May; Simon Fielding; Steve Henderson; Nigel Gwilliam; Marc Mullen
Front Row: left to right:
Simon Cummins; Neil Beston; Simon Waters; Grant Murgatroyd; Alan Thompson; Alan Freeman; Gary Boydell; Pat Hudson; Danny Jones; Brendon Eastwood




Shaggy and Mince returned to the pitch they graced for Lenton Hall's Cup Final victory over Willoughby in 1992 (back in the days when they were sponsored, rather than employed, by the DSS).

This game saw Marc, the Original Allstar, back in 'the colours' for the first time since the League Runners-Up season of 1989-90, and preceded the triumphant comeback gig from the infamous Soviet Onion in Lenton Hall JCR. Big Respect to Mark Pay's return to the fold too.

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  Soviet Onion in the (JCR) area.

Rob Onion



Lenton Hall bar

The Allstars meet up in Lenton Hall bar prior to the Soviet Onions gig. Anticipation and tension is high for the latest "comeback concert", as fans of the band wonder whether the aural heights of the seminal 1990 Sherwood Hall gig would be equalled.



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