"Millennium Allstars " - Saturday 8th July, at University of Nottingham Sports Centre    

Squad photo

Back Row: left to right:
Martin Green; Jack Hawkins; Conor O'Prey; Jeremy May; Shaun Levitt; Simon Fielding; Alan Thompson.
Front Row: left to right:
Glen Thistlethwaite; Grant Murgatroyd; Dean Shaw; Alan Freeman; Simon Cummins; Grant McKinlay.
Mascot (with ball): Andrew McKinlay.




A new millennium, a new Allstars stadium. Last minute drop-outs reduced this reunion to a 7-a-side match on the Astroturf, adjacent to the University Sports Hall, which had staged some spectacular Chemistry & Management Studies exam performances.

The re-emergence of Dr Hawkins would, however, spark a 2001 revival.

Leaving Wortley House

    Allstars prepare to depart on the morning after.      
  Amigos party fuel in Wortley House.


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Former Lenton Hall residents took a trip down memory lane by staying in the recently built Wortley House, an integral part of the hall during term-time.

Further nostalgia was to be had by eating pizza ordered from Amigos on Derby Road, lining the bellies for the trip to "Via Fossa" bar, and "The Zone" club later that evening.