"Tangerine Bibs " versus "Yellow Bibs" - Saturday 8th July, at University Sports Centre  

Kick Off

The Allstars line up at kick-off. Time for Conor to issue some last minute instructions.


Mincing cross  

Jack on the attack


With Mince at the goal-line about to cross, Sid rises gingerly to his toes in anticipation.



Jack takes the ball left, as Glenn spots the inventive run off to the right from Mince.



And after...

It's all over



Greenie and Jez require post-match support.

Shaggy squats and says a prayer facing Allstar Mecca - the Happy Return, whilst ignoring medical advice from Jack.

Glenn gurns to the camera. The former "Hung Like Donkeys" star has gained his first Allstar cap.

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The Allstars had reached their athletic nadir. No longer could they rely on their inate enthusiasm to carry them through a game of football. With most having reached the dreaded age of thirty, it was time to confront their demons. For Sid, at 17.5 stone, this game would prove the catalyst for a complete lifestyle change. He would return the following year looking positively malnourished...

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