The Evening - Pitcher&Piano    

Outside the P&P

After a hearty roast dinner in The Priory, these Allstars prepare to meet up with their comrades inside the Pitcher&Piano bar at 20:00.






Group inside the P&P

Ash joins in the 10 Reunion Award Heroes, as they hog the camera some more inside the Pitcher & Piano. Ash was to wake up later with some spectacular results...



Hollywood Allstars

As the beer flowed, and news of Si Water's impending departure to work in Hollywood circulated, ambitious plans were laid down for a future game. Above we see the Webmaster and Simon, witnessed by fellow plan formulator John, shake on the deal to plan the potentially historic Los Angeles Allstars Reunion in 2006. In the meantime, we await Si's promised photo of himself in Allstars kit outside the famous Hollywood sign.

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