"Team Sid - Whites" versus "Team Excalibur - Tangerines" - Saturday 3rd July, at Sports Centre Astroturf    

Teams 2004

Back Row: left to right:
Jeremy May; Simon Heath; Shaun Levitt; Martin Green; Grant Murgatroyd; Ian Cook; Dave Eslick; Giles Cox; Craig McKinlay; Ashley Colin.

Front Row: left to right:
Graham Jackson; Marc Mullen; Simon Waters; Andrew McKinlay; Simon Fielding; Lee Langeveld; Jack Hawkins; John Gilligan; Grant McKinlay.




A grass pitch ban for the Allstars, meant astroturf for the second time. By Friday 2nd July, an 11-a-side game was planned, but come the following morning 4 potential Allstars had dropped out. Various excuses were made, but none could top the now customary letter of explanation from Jim Higginbotham. However, neither the depletion in ranks nor a pre-kick off torrential downpour could dampen Allstar spirits.

  Man of the Match award.

Si's Golden Boot

Si Waters receives his own Golden Magic Boot.

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Game and penalty competition over, the Allstars retired to their traditional post-match watering hole, The Priory on Derby Road.

Priory Drinks

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