"Team Sid - Whites" versus "Team Excalibur - "Black&Blue's" - Saturday 2nd July, at Grove Farm, Nottingham    

2005 teams photo

Back Row: left to right:
Martin Green; Dean Shaw; Gordon McMillan; Pete Reilly; Jim Higginbotham; Grant Murgatroyd; Ian Cook; Dave Eslick; Gary Boydell; Lee Langeveld; Max Halliwell.

Front Row: left to right:
John Gilligan; Simon Fielding; Tom Pattle; Dave Hoburn; Alan Freeman; Grant McKinlay; Craig McKinlay; Andrew McKinlay; Jack Hawkins; Graham Jackson; Jeremy May.




Back on grass for the Allstars, with a full complement of players, and a relatively non-hostile weather front at Grove Farm. Only Lev's troublesome injury prevented a full turn out. Even Mr James Higginbotham returned to grace the field, and so we are denied his customary letter of excuse. However, Jim felt sufficiently moved by the experience to send us his post-match thoughts.

  Man of the Match award.

Golden Boot award

The WebMaster receives the Golden Magic Boot from his nemesis. Overcoming stiff competition from Lee who maintained a consistent threat for Team Excalibur over the full 90 mins.

The evening's entertainment began, as is traditional, in the Pitcher & Piano bar in Nottingham. Anyone previously sat at a table was customarily intimidated until they departed.

Group in P&P

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