The Evening #1 - Hand & Heart    

Post match drinks were taken in The Priory on Derby Road, before a dozen Allstars met up for a fine meal at the Hand & Heart near Canning Circus. Special thanks to Jack for organising what the WebMaster thinks may prove a popular destination for Allstars' reunions to come. Good food and atmosphere set the evening bar crawl off to a great start.

A Bunch of Hammas

Biggers, Rich, Kane & Max have a cuddle for old-time Rolleston Drive sake.






Stag Man

The Referee announces his time-keeping blunder from The Chair.



Jack and The Cooks

"Can I just take issue with that hat-trick claim, and my 10th Cap Award!?" Jack, quite fittingly, takes his place between the Cooks.


"Who's this bald, drunk, yet fetchingly stylish man, Dad?"

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