"Team Tangerine" - versus "The Milanistas" - Saturday 3rd July, at Grove Farm, Nottingham    

2010 teams

Back Row: left to right:
Steve Henderson; Pat Hudson; Simon Fielding; Pete Reilly; Grant Murgatroyd; Gary Boydell; Marc Mullen; Max Halliwell; Jack Hawkins; Craig McKinlay; Ian Cook; Simon Heath; Neil Cook.

Front Row: left to right:
Grant McKinay; Jack Ness; Jeremy May; Dean Shaw; Andrew McKinlay; Danny Jones; John Gilligan; Mark Halliwell; Duncan Fagg.




Another Allstars, another return of a prodigal Duncan. This time, Dr Fagg, all the way from his laboratory in Portugal. An impressive commitment for his Allstars' debut, and one that required detailed directions to Grove Farm, a path obviously much less trod by our intrepid alchemist in his undergraduate years, than that between Rothesay Avenue and The Happy Return public house.

  Man of the Match award.

2010 golden boot

Sid and Sheff receive the Golden Magic Boot from the WebMaster in the Rose & Crown. The first ever joint award.


After the night out, the Derby Gorve mob met up from Sunday brunch at the Fat Cat, Nottingham. Danny and Pat on their first Allstars for 11 years.

2010 fat cat

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