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Northern Allstars' kits were infamous in the Nottingham University Sunday League, back in the early 1990s. Shirts emblazoned with derogatory comments about all areas of England, bar the mediocre Midlands, graced the Grove Farm encounters. A new Tangerine & Black kit was even introduced in 2006 to mark the first competitive game since those halcyon days.

Whilst these kits no longer spread feelings of mild bemusement on the fields of Nottingham, they are often spotted being worn in more exotic climes. Messrs Gilligan and Waters have laid down the gauntlet to all fellow Allstars in their "glamour shots" below. Please email the WebMaster with your rival Allstars shirt photos.


Hollywood, L.A., 2007

Men in Black (and Tangerine)


The Great Wall, China, 2007

John Mounts The Wall

All three Allstars tops see the sights in 2007.


Calfornia Love

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