"It's Grim Up North XI" versus "It's Shite Down South XI" at Grove Farm    
  "Oldstars"   "Newstars"    
  Oldstars   Newstars    
Back Row: left to right:
Jeremy May; Andy Craig; Grant McKinlay; Ian Cook; Grant Murgatroyd; Simon Fielding; Mark Baker
Front Row: left to right:
Nigel Gwilliam; Duncan Perrin; Dean Shaw; John Gilligan.
  Back Row: left to right:
Steve Henderson; Jason Davies; Conor O'Prey; Alan Freeman; Simon Heath; Kev Humphries; Neil Cook.
Front Row: left to right:
Pat Hudson; Danny Jones; Gordon McMillan; Simon Cummins.
  Match summary   Team selection    

At the end of the Northern Allstars' last ever season in the University Sunday League, a 22-man sub-set of the squad at Sid's disposal, assembled for another thrilling encounter.

Unemployment benefit, post-graduate research funding, and in some rare cases, actual employment, had enabled many Allstars to continue scraping out a living in Nottingham. It would be another four years before these halcyon days were re-enacted...

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Teams were selected on the longevity of Allstar service, the "Oldstars" largely consisting of veterans from the previous 1990/91 campaign. The "Newstars" played in the 1991/92 season tangerine shirts, adorned with a more controversial, yet appropriate, logo.

The score was 2-2, and with extra-time declined by both sides, the inaugural penalty competition was instituted.

Black and Tangerine would, later that evening, be swopped for Lemon...