Post-Match Penalty Competition    

Shaggy's Pen

The traditional post-match penalty competition was once again officiated by Sid's son, Andrew. Jack stands expectantly behind goal, but Shaggy shoots and scores. Will we ever be able to say that in reference to open-play again? Team Excalibur can only hope the Allstars answer to Ian Rush comes through his "Juventus" phase.






Lee's pen

Sid stands and watches scornfully, as his goalkeeping rival Billy fails to keep out Lee's deceptive power drive.



Wolfie penalty magic

The last penalty taken, but definitely not the least. Truly the most remarkable Allstars penalty ever. To all the world it looked as though Wolfie was about to attempt a foolhardy left-foot strike. But no. At the last possible moment, and to Sid's obvious amusement, Mr Cummins elected to twist his right foot around the ball. Ten seconds later, the ball narrowly missed Sid's left-hand post by a good 5 metres. Superb entertainment.

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