"The Riverside Match" - Saturday 2nd July, at The Riverside Complex, Nottingham

Welcome to the Riverside Complex! A “new venue” for this year’s reunion game, as the Allstars marvelled at the complete transformation of Grove Farm’s changing rooms and pitches. A family affair amongst the two 10-a-side teams, including debuts for the watching Shaggy’s teenage step-son Charlie, and Sheff’s Mikey.

 The Arrival

The Allstars arrive at the new car park before the game.




Youth rejuvanated this year's game...


  Stan v Mikey        


...and the post-match wind down. This year in the new Herbert Kilpin bar.

Herbert Kilpin Main

The Herbert Kilpin

The Allstars met up for food and drinks in this excellent independent free house on Bridlesmith Walk.

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