Match Report

2016 Teams

The players:

Left to right: Back Row: Lorna McKinlay; Max Halliwell; Ian Cook; Neil Cook; Dave Eslick; Craig McKinlay; Andrew McKinlay; Simon Heath; Rich Isherwood.

Front Row: Mark Halliwell; Marc Mullen; Andy Kit; Stanley Fielding; Alan Freeman; Grant McKinlay; Mikey Shaw; Charlie Dunbar-Aldred; Dean Shaw; Simon Fielding; Lucia Halliwell.

The Halliwell family warm-up.


And on to the traditional Champions League handshake...

2016 Champions League

A decent and equal game, aided by signs of early fitness decline in Allstars offspring, and ultimately influenced by the wind. Indeed, there’s a good case to be made that Team Billy (The Whites) lost it in Quarter 2, when they were the team that failed to score with the wind behind them. Admittedly, that was when Team Sid (The Tangerines) could still run. Nice passing moves from both teams, aided by 10-a-side providing just the right amount of space and time on the ball, bestowed upon the garden-seat accommodated crowd of 7 the occasional impression of a real football match. The crowd more than doubled at one point as a group of lads passed by the pitch, one of them incredulously enquiring “What the *%^$ is going on?” .

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