Match Report

Let's cut to the chase, and get this over with as quickly as possible. The Lenton Hall XI were massacred 1-8 (some people still claiming 1-9, but one 'goal' was ruled offside, the clue being the 'kick-off' was taken by Sid the goalkeeper).

Why? Well, ROW had a 15 and a 16 year old running us ragged. Oh and yes, they also had Billy's 'young boy' who I thought would just hold Billy's hand. Harry was a mere 12, but no-one could get near him. He even took pity and potted an own goal for Lenton XI, their only successful attempt on goal.


Harry skips past the WebMaster from a 30:70 challenge.

ROW played nice passing triangles, whilst the old boys of Lenton tried and failed, never seeming to make much progress and retain possession once we crossed the halfway line. Lenton team formation was based on a strategy of all out attack in the hope of out scoring the opposition. However this Holloway inspired tactic spectacularly failed, as a distinct lack of pace in the Lenton back line, Jez excepted, was exposed early on and Lenton never recovered.

Mark Halliwell scored perhaps the fastest Allstar goal ever, bundling with his chest a Steve Henderson cross from the right over the line into an empty net from 2 yards out, with barely a minute on the watch. Jack attempted to quickly rectify the situation, setting his stall out early by saying the ball was very "sticky" (especially to his left foot), however, Gary Boydell quickly doubled the ROW lead with a great shot into Sid's far left corner off the inside of the post. It was to be Gary's crowning glory, although he managed to play twice as long as usual before the inevitable hamstring pull.

Marky Mark puts pressure on a wilting WebMaster.

Before Lenton Hall had chance to regroup and the first quarter of 20 minutes was up, a ball partially cleared by the Lenton defence was firmly struck from outside the area by Andy Kit, lobbing Sid (an old pastime), and it nestled inside the net. 0-3, and the game was already effectively over.

McKinlay sibling rivalry.

After the break, and an attempt at tactical reshaping to save some pride, Lenton began to play shorter passes in a vain attempt to retain possession focussing on the old adage that the opposition can't score when you have the ball. Problem was, it only took Marky Mark to steal it once, run at the Lenton defence, and make it 0-4.

It was at this point that young Harry took pity, and on a rare concerted Lenton Hall foray up into ROW territory. Running toward his own goal, Harry tried to clear an innocuous Lenton cross but stuck it straight in the onion bag. 1-4, and perhaps something for Lenton to build on?

O no. Marky Mark Halliwell again proved just too fast and scored his 3rd, and ROW's 5th, goal by slipping between the marauding Mince and Cookie defensive pairing, just before the 2nd quarter of 20 minutes came to a close. 1-5.

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